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Welcome to Buy Niche Edits: Built on reputation and refferal – we deliver on our promises! You can be sure that our links are niche relevant, will have a direct impact on your rankings, and are posted on real, high-quality websites.

Welcome to Buy Niche Edits.

Powerful Links For SEO.

If you are looking to buy Niche Edits backlinks, you have come to the right place! We are the number one provider of niche edits, helping businesses all around the world to improve their organic ranking on Google and other major search engines.

Buying backlinks is something that has been frowned on in recent years because businesses have been purchasing poor-quality backlinks with no relevance to their company. This is where Niche Edits are different: Our backlinks have a high-impact and exceptional relevancy, for maximum ranking potential.

With Niche Edits, we provide permanent and powerful link insertions, delivering high relevance to niches across a broad range of industries. We deliver trusted, real websites, with high traffic levels, helping you to take your marketing campaign to the next level at a rapid pace.

Our service is powerful, safe, and quick, enabling you to boost the authority and power of your website while having complete peace of mind. Read on to discover more about the service that we provide and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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You won’t find a more effective niche edit backlinks service anywhere else. We operate at a fraction of the cost of other comparable services, without forgoing effectiveness.

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We can complete most requests within 14 days from the time of purchase. Please note, Google results will take some time to appear.

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BNE offers a range of packages under the umbrella of niche edit backlinks. All packages are on-demand. NO subscriptions, no monthly fees, no contracts.


Rest assured that your personal information and ambitions will remain safe & secure at all times, now and in the future. We do not disclose our clients or ever will.

What are Niche Edits?

Firstly, what are backlinks?

A backlink is an incoming link to a page on the web. Whenever a webpage links to any other page, this is a backlink. When a page has a lot of backlinks, it tends to rank higher on Google. However, this is only the case if the backlinks are of high quality and are relevant to the website they are directed at.

buy-niche-edits-backlinks buy-niche-edits-backlinks
So, what are niche edits?

A niche edit, which is also commonly referred to as a curated link, is a contextual anchor link that is inserted into a page, blog post, or quality aged guest post, which already exists, meaning Google has already indexed the post. They are essential when it comes to your link building and search engine optimisation strategy.

Niche Edits vs Guest Posts

You don’t necessarily need to ditch your guest posting strategy altogether. In fact, a lot of businesses believe that a good mixture of niche edits and guest posts is the best way to go. Either way, you need to make sure that niche edits are part of your marketing campaign. This is because niche edits provide an exceptional tool for building sheer power at a low cost.

With niche edits, your links can be inserted into old posts that are already deemed to have more trust. This is something that is never going to be achievable when it comes to creating guest posts. With guest posts, you are starting from the bottom, and you need to invest a lot of time and effort in order to build up trust and authority. Niche edits give you a headstart, as you are essentially capitalising on hard work that has already been done. 

  • Faster Ranking Improvements
  • Origin Pages Already Indexed
  • High # Of Referring Domains
  • Better URL Quality
Our Packages
  • Starting at $199
  • Time-tested
  • Niche Relevant
  • High RD and DA
  • Fast TAT
  • Higher ROI
  • Low Content Costs
  • More Cost-Efficient vs Guest Posts
  • 100% Google Safe
  • Arguably Safer Than Guest Posts
  • Greater Diversity
  • Aged-domain Placements

Why Buy Niche Edits?

There are a number of different reasons why you should consider buying niche edits for your business. Firstly, they will help you to improve your organic ranking. Backlinks help improve search engine rankings. Your content is naturally going to rank higher in the search engine result pages if you are getting links from other sites that are relevant to your business. 

Not only can you expect to improve your organic search engine ranking but niche edits can help to index your site faster as well. This is because search engine bots will often follow backlinks from existing webpages in order to discover new pages. After all, they are only going to be able to crawl your site effectively once they have discovered it. If you do not have any backlinks, it is going to be more difficult for search engines to find your website. Therefore, for new websites especially, if you buy niche edits, it can help to ensure your site is discovered and indexed as quickly as possible.

Another key benefit associated with niche edits is referral traffic. This is when a person that is reading a piece of content on the web may click on the link in order to find further information about the topic. As people click on links based on their own free will, they tend to be more targeted, which means they are less likely to leave the page hastily. This means it will help you to achieve a low bounce rate, as the people clicking on these links are typically genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

This is why it is important to buy niche edits rather than going for a general backlink bulk buy service, as niche edits ensure that all of the links that are placed are done so in content pieces that are fully relevant to your business and the service that you provide. 

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Updated for 2020!

Our new niche edit backlink packages will get you high-quality links from top-rated, high RD, real websites.


Select What you Need

Choose the number of niche edit backlinks you require and proceed to checkout.


All clients have their own accounts. After your order has been placed, you can send us your niche edit requirements information (along with any questions) through our order management system.


We get to work on your order. When we are done, we will send you a niche edit backlink report (live links). Review the work (and us) ... and you're done. Simple!

Built on reputation and referral

At Buy Niche Edits, we make it easier for businesses to get the contextual links that they really need. Follow our three-step process and we’ll handle the rest. You will begin by selecting the number of niche edit links you require. Submit your order requirements through your Buy Niche Edits account. We’ll handle it from here, and attach a niche edit backlinks report when we’re done; it really is as simple as that.

Once your order is finished, we will send the work to you, review it, and accept it or get back to us. With one-time payments and an exceptional reputation in the industry, you really have nothing to worry about when using our service.

We are delighted to have built up an impeccable reputation, and this is based on one thing: we deliver on our promises. You will never receive any nasty surprises when it comes to billing, and you can be sure that our links are niche relevant and that they will have a direct impact on your rankings. They will also be posted on real quality websites, which are 100 per cent Google-safe. We are 100% confident that you will not be disappointed when you use our service to buy niche edits for your business marketing campaign.

Proudly, over half of our monthly orders are from repeat customers and clients who recongnise the value and quiality we bring to the table. We are a small team of U.K-based SEO keen-beans, our approach is fresh, friendly and professional and our links are powerfully crafted, expertly implemented and deliver ranking-results in SERPs. Perhaps most importantly, we recognise the imporatnce of transparancy and quality – and we treat each and every order as if it were our very first.

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Newly released for 2020

Dominate Google! Positive SEO packages

Now available for instant purchase. Due to unprecedented client demand, we have now added our extremely powerful, positive SEO packages. Once only reserved for ongoing clients, these powerful packages are now available for everyone, on-demand. No contracts, no subscriptions, no recurring fees.

  • Affordable packages
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Sourcing and executing niche edit backlinks should be simple and, with us, it is! We understand that not everyone understands the intricacies of creating effective SEO campaigns, that’s why we’re here. All you have to do is select what you need and leave the rest up to us.

Group effort

If you choose to use us, you can rest assured that our whole team is behind you. All our clients (under active management) are handled by the BNE team as a whole group, no account managers or dealing with staff who are not on the same page.

Professional implementation

Only experts with proven track-records work here.
We treat each and every order with the same level of professionalism and accuracy. We take SEO very seriously and the Buy Niche Edits team are focused on remaining up-to-date with all the latest updates, and strive to deliver the best possible results executed with the most current software and mechanisms.

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