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Spectre SEO Package

Case study and results


Spectre is our most powerful positive SEO package and has been finally tuned, tweaked, and updated to offer simply the most epic results! This case study reflects the results from it’s very first use on a clients domain, prior to us making it publicly available. This client came to us wanting to rank on page one for a highly competitive online movie streaming domain. Before Spectre was implemented it was ranking on page 8 of google. Over the following 28 days we implemented Spectre, within 10 days results were visible, within 20 days the domain (root/homepage) was one page one – today (8 months later, at the time of writing this) it holds the position 2 spot in and position one in for it’s most relevant, and traffic-driving, keyword.

We recommend this package to aged and established domains only. Due to it’s nature, power, and implementation it is not suitable for domains under 1 year old and/or domains without a strong and established backlink profiles.


Online movies, streaming 

Keyword competition



Google page 1, position 1/2

Starting at page eight,

We delivered page one

This URL started on the mid-level of page 8 for a high keyword. The results below display a positive rank movement of 7 pages resulting in a final page 1 result (between position 1 – 2 ).

Starting position: Page 8 of google.
Period of adjustment as our work is picked up in google.
One month later: Page 1 of google (position 1 – 2).

We do not disclose client names or their domains: this is why the rank history graph is blurred at the bottom.




Massive power. Suitable for large established sites only.

Delivery time

20-30 days

Please allow us at least 28 days to implement.

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