How Buy Niche Edits works

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Create your BNE account

Manage orders and earn rewards.
All orders and messages are handled through your personal BNE account.

i. Choose the number of links

From the order page simply select how many backlinks you require and proceed to checkout. We have a range of payment methods on offer which are safe, well-known and secure (PayPal, Stripe & Bitcoin through Coinbase).

What we do

Niche Edit Backlinks
Positive SEO packages
Custom (mix) SEO packages

Payment methods
Stripe (credit/debit card)
Bitcoin (Coinbase)

ii. Instruct us

You will need to send us information of your target URLs, keywords, and relevant niche. You can do this directly through your BNE account. After purchase, just download and submit the instructions which detail all the information that is required. This is all YOU have to do.

Delivery time

14 – 20 days for small packages
Up to 20+ days for large packages 

Niche Edits include live link-index report
PSEO packages include performance report

iii. Put us to work

We then get to work. No further input is required on your behalf. Once everything has been completed we will send you an email of notification. Please remember, that results will take time to appear in Google.

Permitted sites

Works in google, yahoo, bing
Any site/URL, facebook page, blog, product etc

Not permitted
Illegal websites: offensive, fraudulent, pornographic etc
Phishing, hacking sites/materials/programs

iv. That’s it!

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