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Moonraker SEO Package

Case study and results


This client purchased Moonraker, our most popular positive SEO package. Over a period of 30 days we saw an increase in rankings from page 6 to position one (page one). This domain was well established and already commanded good authority. We where able to rank a medium competition keyword in position one, something that is sought by many was delivered by us in a matter of weeks.

We recommend our Moonraker package for new to moderately established domains who already have a decent backlink profile. We are certain that this package is suitable for most URLs who want increased ranking for medium-competition keywords. This is our most popular and re-ordered package and we continue to deliver results clients love with it.


Beauty, blogging, media 

Keyword competition



Google page 1, position 1

Starting at page six,

We delivered page one

This URL started at the top of page six for a medium-competition keyword. The results below display a positive rank movement of 5 pages resulting in a final page 1 result (position 1 of google). You can’t get any better than that!

Starting position: Top of page 6 of google.
Period of adjustment as our work is picked up in google.
One month later: Page 1 of google (position 1).

We do not disclose client names or their domains: this is why the rank history graph is blurred at the bottom.




Our most popular package. Suitable for most clients.

Delivery time

10-14 days

Please allow us at least 14 days to implement.

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