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Case study and results


Before we start on this, it is important to note that this keyword (for this client) was competitive. What you also need to know is that the Dr No package managed to not only return a page one result, but a position one result! The clients’ URL/domain was optimised which did help achieve these spectacular results. However, on-page optimisation aside, this is a stellar result and testament to the power of this package. This was a client seeking to improve his domain ranking for some ‘big ticket’ affiliate products and the Dr No package did just that!

Please don’t be deterred by the shallow gradients of the results graph (or any of our other graphs for that matter), what is more important is the improvements that were achieved for the keyword. For example, ‘buy samurai sword replica with custom engraving’ is much easier to rank high than, ‘buy samurai sword’ – the Dr No package has the power to rank high (within reason) competition keywords well.


Affiliate, sales 

Keyword competition

Medium – High


Google page 1, position 1

Starting at page two,

We delivered page one

This URL started on the mid-level of page 2 for a high-competition keyword. The results below display a positive rank movement of 1.3 pages resulting in a final page 1 result (position 1 of google). Please remember this was a high competition keyword.

Starting position: Mid-top of page 2 of google.
Period of adjustment as our work is picked up in google.
One month later: Page 1 of google, position 1!!

We do not disclose client names or their domains: this is why the rank history graph is blurred at the bottom.




On of the best and most powerful SEO packages available today!

Delivery time

10-14 days

Please allow us at least 21 days to implement.

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